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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear my ex girlfriend.

You took a piece of my heart,
When you said you couldn't stay.
I lived those following moments,
Thinking you'd come back one day.

When you left, what happened?
How come you made us dissappear.
We had some much love in us,
But you are no longer here.

Will we go back to how we were?
And walk down those roads again.
All those miles that we held on for,
Then you said we were at the end.

Tell me, do you ever think of me?
And still wonder if i'm holding on.
Do you regret walking away from us?
Now that our lasting love is gone.

From day to day, I think of you,
And often wonder how you are.
You'd be driving around by now,
Have you received your loved scooty?

Sometimes I wonder what if?
We hadn't ended when we had.
Would we be talking about marriage,
And reminiscing on things gone bad.

Well, I'm twenty now and i'm okay,
Although I have another lover near.
I still look for you in crowded rooms,
And remember that you're not here.

Just thought I might write to you now,
As there are somethings I want to say.
I know deep down that we wont talk again,
But it would've been 68th week after we started to love...

(Got in mail.... Altered a bit... )

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