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Sunday, August 30, 2009

What happened to lions?

We all know that Sri Lanka cricket team got the award for playing according to the spirit of the game in last couple of years. But it doesn’t look like we gonna get it this time. Captain cool, Sanga, is a hot-headed captain nowadays.

During the last Pakistan test series, Sanga was ruled out LBW by the umpire of the bowling of Saeed Ajmal. But, the ball pitched outside the leg stump and it was heading down the leg side. It wasn’t out. That’s for sure. But Sanga was shaking his head and reluctant to leave the crease. He was murmuring something when he was leaving the pitch.

In the one day internationals against Pakistan, it got worse.

When Abdul Razzaq squeezed a single from a throw that reflected off Razzaq’s bat, Sanga came into action and yelled Razzaq for getting that single. Cricketers usually don’t run for it, nut replays suggested that Razzaq didn’t notice the reflect from his bat. If even he was wrong, how Sanga can yell him? If Razzaq didn’t behave with sportsmanship, then how about Sanga?

When Afridi did the same, former king, Mahela, did the same in the next match.

No one will forget Sanga’s argument with Pakistan captain to leave the pitch, when the umpire wrongly gave him not-out.

Also Murali sledged couple of times and gave send-off to some Pakistan batsmen.

This happens within the team also.

In the second ODI, Sanath ran Sanga out. It was a poor call from Sanath. He called Sanga first and then sent-back Sanga later. After this match, Sanath was rested (they say like it’s a rest) for the next match.

Also Sanga yelled at Lasith Malinga when he bowled couple of bad balls.

Yesterday, Murali played football in the field without fielding them and when a ball reflected off Herath’s hand, he was too slow to go and get the ball.

We, as many other Lankan fans, congratulate our team to climb in the test rankings. But we want the spirit also.

We want a cool team without any problems.

I hope that Sanga will be back to his cool tempo soon.

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